Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day here at Heritage Auctions in Dallas

Feb. 11, 2010
Posted by Noah

It's not often that we actually get a whole day of snow here in Texas - I can remember a few real snow and/or ice storms from when I was a kid, circa 1980 or so - so today is special for Texans who never see too much of the stuff. Most of them are actually stopping, looking up to the sky and scratching their heads as they mutter, "Now what in tarnation is that there white stuff floatin' down from the sky?"

While I am from here, I did spend 20 years in the Northeast and New England, not to mention one unbelievably cold winter in central Wisconsin, so it takes a lot of snow, and very deep cold, to make me even take notice.

Still, though, it is kinda beautiful...

The worst part of it all, I have to say, is how poorly Texans drive in the snow. It is literally as if the earth itself has thundered, shaken and been rent wide open - even though the snow is not sticking to the roads, and not freezing to the roads either. It is like driving in a medium downpour, really... Texans also have a thing about rushing to the supermarket and buying all the milk and bread they can find - bottled water, too, these days - just in case that funny white stuff coming down means the end of society as we know it... I kid, I kid...

The top picture is from the 17th floor here at Heritage World HQ, looking into Downtown Dallas. The other is from the front of our Slocum Street Annex in Dallas's Design District.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

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-Noah Fleisher

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