Friday, January 22, 2010

"Fangs - only very occasionally - & very subtle..." - Anne Rice originals bring vampire glow to Heritage Auctions

Jan. 22, 2010
Posted by Noah

I will be forthright with you: Anne Rice has never been my thing. I always preferred my vampires more Count Chocula than Brad Pitt. I know you're shocked.

Rice hasn't really been anybody's thing for a decade or two really, but that's forgivable. The incredible splash she made on the American fiction scene in the mid-1970s with her first novel, Interview With The Vampire, and her impact on American Pop Culture are things to be greatly respected. And I'm sure she cried into a pillowcase full of money every time she laments her diminished flame.

Her more dubious legacy of having left us with the translucent, abstinent, doe-eyed vampires of Twilight, I am not so in awe of - anger is more like it... but that is for me and my therapist to discuss...

Considering what was shortly to become of Rice and her little book, there is indeed a magic of some kind in that book and signature. Most novelists would take 1/10th of that magic for their first book. 1/100th. The estimate on it is $1,500. We'll see if there are Rice fans out there who absolutely have to have this and what that means to this piece.

Again, while it's not really my particular cup of tea, this is an interesting look at the writer's process, and it contains Rice's thoughts on her publisher (Knopf - not good) and her thoughts on the possible adaptation of Interview, which wouldn't happen for another 17 years(!). I will concede this however, it contains an absolute gem of writing when, in her thoughts on the movie, she writes:

"Fangs - only very occasionally - & very subtle..."

Nice. What other way is there, really to present fangs? Besides in chocolate cereal with marshmallows...

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-Noah Fleisher

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