Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Martignette in Times Square: Heritage Auctions' illustration art takes Manhattan

Oct. 14, 2009
Posted by Noah

Yes, the picture is real!

I can't help but think that not only would Gil Elvgren have been thrilled to see his painting - Something's Bothering You (What's Wrong?) - 25 feet tall and towering over Manhattan's times Square under the banner: "Masterpieces of Pin-up at Heritage Auctions."

The painting, one of the Elvgrens from the Charles Martignette Estate coming up for auction on Oct. 27 - just under two weeks - as part of the fall Illustration Art sale, featuring the second part of Martignette's epic collection, is one of many unabashed masterpieces of the form in the auction. If part one was any indication, the price paid for this painting, and all the Elvgrens, will far exceed the $40,000+ estimate. Maybe tack on $100,000 and you'll be close.

This picture came about as part of a press push we're doing, and it was picked up and put on the Reuters board in Times Square, and on the Reuters Board in Las Vegas. I'm sure the borough of Manhattan was duly impressed. If a picture like that won't stop New Yorkers then nothing will.

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-Noah Fleisher

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