Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Got a great story about collecting? Send it to CollectorsCorner@HA.com

Sept. 22, 2009
Posted by Noah

When we first opened the Collector's Corner to our readers stories several months ago we got a lot of great responses. Now we want to open it up a little more. Heritage's Collectors Corner (CollectorsCorner@HA.com) is looking for any great story on collecting you may have hidden in the cobwebbed corner of your collectors brain.

Whether it's about your area of collecting, your particular collection, or the collection of your Mom or Dad, we want to hear the story and use it in our Collector's Corners post at www.HA.com/Connect, and on this blog.

Did you ever witness something amazing happen at a show, or an auction, that made you re-think how you viewed the pursuit of collecting? Did a family member pass along a great story, or a piece of family history regarding a family collecting? Do you just know a good joke about collecting and you want to share it? Well, that's what we want for Collector's Corner.

Just so you know, we reserve the right to use any submission in our Collector's Corner, edited and presented anonymously - it's just about the story.

Remember, that's CollectorsCorner@HA.com, and we want your story!

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-Noah Fleisher

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