Friday, July 31, 2009

Gearing Up for Platinum Night

July 31, 2009
Posted by John Dale

Heritage is about two hours into Session 1 of our Los Angeles U.S. Signature Coin Auction, and tonight, the Platinum Night session will give bidders the opportunity to win some top-notch treasures. Among all the wonderful coins, what will emerge as the top lot? There are several strong candidates.

Right now, two lots are tied for highest bid. The first one to sell will be Lot 1246, the 1880 Coiled Hair Stella, a fantastic specimen of one of the most famous U.S. gold patterns. Matching it with a $400,000 current bid is Lot 1316, an AU58 example of the 1856-O double eagle, the finest example of that date Heritage has offered since its record-breaking auction of the singular Specimen-63 coin for over $1.4 million.

Following the two lots at $400,000, two beautiful Saint-Gaudens eagles are not far behind. At a current bid of $325,000, Lot 1312, a 1933 eagle in MS65, is just a few bidding increments away from the front-runners. Also close is the lot just before it, Lot 1311, a 1920-S eagle in MS66, at $300,000.

No auction would be complete without its wild cards, and with the right bidding environment, there are several lots that could explode and take over the top slot. Will the lure of shipwreck lore send the massive Lot 1374, a hefty Justh & Hunter gold ingot salvaged from the ocean-floor resting-place of the S.S. Central America, as high as it once was deep? And what of the brass 1776 Continental dollar in Lot 1002? It's the finest known example of an infrequently traded but undeniably in-demand variant of its type. Leave the pricing guides at home for this one; they won't help you be the last bidder standing.

After that, there are many more lots noted at or around the $200,000 mark, including the 1854-S quarter eagle and a number of other high-end Continental dollars from the Collection of a Patriotic American.

Which lot will wind up in the top spot? Join us on Heritage LIVE! to watch the auction action and maybe contribute some of your own!

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