Friday, January 23, 2009

Academy Awards, you say? I just ask our in-house experts…

Jan. 23, 2009
Posted by Noah

In this case, it’s our Music & Entertainment Director Doug Norwine and our Movie Poster Director Grey Smith. Both men know their stuff, know their Hollywood and are not afraid to voice their opinions on it. The sad fact is that I’ve managed to corner only one of them: Doug. Grey has been a little busy getting his March auction in order, but I reckon I’ll be able to update this post soon with his opinions.

Before I get to Doug’s – who was a longtime L.A. resident, professional musician and probably rubbed elbows with more than his fair share of Oscar winners and nominees – I know that you’re really curious about my opinions. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Besides my wife, that is… I kid, I kid..

I haven’t seen all the movies for Best Picture, in fact, I think the only one I have seen is Benjamin Button, though I think Harvey Milk was a fascinating character, and I’m dying to see Slumdog Millionaire, and have traveled quite extensively throughout India, where the film is set – specifically Mumbai – and love it deeply as a nation, but that doesn’t really qualify me to comment on its chances. So, I guess by default, I’d say Benjamin Button is the odds on favorite. It’s by the Forrest Gump guys, has all the things that modern Hollywood loves in its epics, is the closest to magical realism Hollywood can truly get and is, really, just an enjoyable movie with excellent performances across the board. In fact, Doug echoed the same sentiment:

“Benjamin Button is a special effects tour de force with a wonderful message that left you in an up mood,” he said. “It also proves Brad Pitt is not only an excellent leading man, but a superb actor.”

Nicely said. The truth is that I really don’t have a real horse in any of the races, and I won’t even watch the awards. Benjamin Button will probably win best pic, but Pitt won’t win the award. He’s too pretty. It’s sweet that he and his wife are both nominated, though… Question is, will they be able to get a full section of seats for their 300 kids.

I’ll let you know, hopefully soon, what Grey has to say about the awards. Meanwhile, enjoy this little set of Oscar-related memorabilia from past Heritage Auctions. Cool stuff…

Picture caption: The Oscar for Best Short Film of 1949, one of the last Academy Awards legally available for resale, and sold at Heritage, April 2008.